Wednesday, 28 September 2016

What are Clouds actually made of and how does it Rain?

If you’re like an average person you might say the clouds are the result of evaporation of water from the surface but that’s the most simplest  explanation possible and lets face it that's almost the same explanation that a 3rd grader  can produce.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Why Do Bees Buzz?

Bees buzzing

How Buzzing is produced

Really you must have wondered sometimes why in the world do these bees buzz at how they make that sound.
The buzzing sound is mainly caused by the rapid flapping of the wing. A honey bee has two pairs of wings that can beat 250 times/second.

Why do leaves change color in Autumn?

Leaves changing color

Scientific Reasons For Leaves Changing Color

First of all to understand this phenomena one must be familiar with the process called photosynthesis in which plants makes it food. It is a photo chemical reaction

Why do people have different skin color?

different body and skin color


Now if asked why someone living in Africa is more darker than you , then mostly people reply that it is due to their surrounding and genetics. True that but there is more to it.
We have seen people skin color ranging from Dark brown to pale yellow but what causes them?..

Why do we get Deaf when yawning?

Yawning Deafness
Yawning Deadness
Science Behind Yawning Deafness

Ever wondered when you yawn your hearing diminishes for that period as if you've become temporarily deaf. One reason for this to happen is due to opening and closing of Eustachian tube which connects your ear to your throat. Another major reason for this to happen is

What makes Popcorn Pop?


Science behind Popcorn popping

Simple Explanation

Popcorn can be considered as a special kind of corn, because popcorn is the only variety that takes this shape. Inside each kernel of popcorn is a tiny droplet of water